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Barred Owl (NC) — 2009

Barred Owl

Location: Charlotte, NC

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First Egg Date: Mar 03, 2009

Clutch Size: 2

Incubation: Mar 05, 2009

Hatch Date: Apr 08, 2009

Number of Nestlings: 2

Fledge Date: May 11, 2009

Number of Fledglings: 2

Note: 5/12: Many thanks to ProfRob for bringing us the Barred Owls this year.

Photo Highlights (15)

    Watch me prepare my nest, then see my first egg

    Feb 27, 2009 -
    The image on 2/27 shows the female preparing her her "scrape"--a depression in which she will lay her eggs. View the video highlight. The second section of the video clip was recorded after she laid her first egg on 3 March 2009.

    Watch me prepare my nest, then see my first egg

    Feb 27, 2009 -
    Image shows a female Barred Owl preparing her "scrape"--a depression in which she will lay her eggs. View the video highlight.

  • egg.png
    First Egg

    Mar 03, 2009 -
    Taken just after she laid her first egg on 3/3/2009. View video highlight.

    That's not bacon! Anyway, lots of prey deliveries...

    Mar 15, 2009 -
    Male Barred Owl arrives with a white-footed deer mouse. According to Prof. Rob the prey count as of 3/20: 8 mice (probably Peromyscus), 2 worms, 1 bat, 1 bird, 2 probably birds, 1 mole, (maybe--small mammal with short tail), 1 small UDO (that's an Unidentified Dead Object). View video highlight.

  • percy.jpg
    Update - Barred Owl on Two Eggs

    Apr 04, 2009 -
    As of 3/31 Prof Rob expected hatch any day. Posted here is a picture of the newly installed camera. We are just working to get his system live and streaming to you! View Barred Owl up close in video highlight.

    ProfRob and the Barred Owls

    Apr 11, 2009 -
    Welcome ProfRob! Professor Rob Bierregaard and his students study Barred Owls in the Charlotte, NC area. They are interested in how the owls "make a living" in suburban habitats, and, maybe surprisingly, have learned they are doing very well.

    Percy Makes a Delivery

    Apr 15, 2009 -
    Thanks for the pic Cdoodle. ProfRob tells us that his students were cataloging the prey items that a pair brought in over two nights at another nest site: rodent, fish, crayfish, mourning dove, worm/grub, crayfish, insect, thrush-sized bird, insect/crayfish, insect, worm/grub, slug?, barn swallow, rabbit.

  • and baby.jpg
    Mrs. and Jr.

    Apr 20, 2009 -
    Mrs. Percy and Jr. have decided to make an appearance on the cam.

    Two Chicks and Mrs. Percy

    Apr 29, 2009 -
    Thanks to Prof. Rob putting straw in the back of the box, we now have great views of the two chicks and Mrs. Percy.

    19 days old

    Apr 30, 2009 -
    ProfRob took this picture while adding pine straw to the back of the nest box so we could see the young more often. The two young are probably 2 days apart in age. One of the two young is 19 days old--probably the smaller one in the back corner.

    19 days old

    Apr 30, 2009 -
    ProfRob took this image at 19 days "young".

    Flightless til about 5 weeks of age

    May 05, 2009 -
    ProfRob wrote that these young Barred Owls won't be in the box much longer. And it turns out they are much better at climbing (using beaks and talons) first than flying. You'll see them try to hook their beaks on the opening to pull up.

    Banding Day Pics - ~29 days old

    May 06, 2009 -
    ProfRob had the young out for banding, see flickr photoset:, and notice the ladder he had to climb to access the box. The adults attacked him and he says: I have 24 new holes in my back. The adults got me 3 times (3hits x 8 talons=24 punctures).


    May 08, 2009 -
    When barred owl chicks leave the nest, they aren't ready for flight yet, so they will live in the trees. They can climb around while their parents still bring them food.

    ProfRob in the News

    May 09, 2009 -
    View a short video clip of ProfRob banding another pair of Barred Owl young at the Charlotte Nature Museum:

Video Highlights (3)

Mar 15, 2009 - That's not bacon!
Food delivery of white-footed deer mouse. This is the second delivery the male barred owl brings the female this evening.

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Mar 19, 2009 - Up Close

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